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Archipelago is an upcoming adventure game with rogue-lite elements and a heavy emphasis on exploration.  Sail the open sea, explore islands and collect artifacts in a world based on the collective works of renowned horror author H.P. Lovecraft.  From the Nameless City to Federal Hill, experience the locations and encounters that defined a genre.  Slated for a late 2019 release, keep checking back at this page for updates and more information as the development progresses.


Click on any image in the gallery below to view screenshots.

Video Game Character

Archipelago will feature 4 playable characters in an open-world environment that the player will traverse mostly through sailing.  Each character will have a special ability that allows them to experience a playthrough with a unique advantage. With randomized island formation, dungeon configurations, and semi-perma death, each play session will be its own individual experience.

The first playable character is Claire.  A Historical Linguistics Major at Miskatonic University, she has the ability to interact with objects and characters that speak and write in ancient and alien languages.

More characters will be revealed as this page is updated.

As development continues, this section will be updated with new content and details about the game.  To avoid spoilers, there will be a RED spoiler indicator prior to an entry that may contain information some would consider to be a spoiler.  As of right now I don't want to show too many creatures or environments before more gameplay footage has been released, so below is a very limited selection of concept and promotional art.  Click an image to enlarge it, and click the 'Play' button on the interactive model to load it in 3D.

Nameless City
Concept Art
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