Covenant is a planned action RPG/Strategy mashup set in an alternate history medieval Europe.  Covenant started out as my thesis project to complete my illustration degree, but as the project grew and became more ambitious I decided that I'd like to expand on the ideas into a full game eventually.  I spent roughly a year and a half between 2016 and 2018 developing the prototype.


The concept behind Covenant was to combine certain elements from action RPG's and light strategy mechanics, and have them set in an interesting sci-fi take on medieval fantasy.  The player character travels through some areas of the game solo in order to liberate and take control of their population and resources.  Other areas of the game are then accessible once battles have been won within those territories.  Areas of the game will be based on specific real-world locations like Mont Saint Michel and Neuschwanstein Castle for a few examples.


The Covenant prototype is available for download on via the link below.  As of now, future development on Covenant is postponed in order for me to focus on other projects.


The digital art book is automatically included in the download. 

However if you'd like to download just the art book individually, you can do so by clicking the button below:

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