The Witch of Warkworth was created as an entry for the Darktober 2018 Halloween Game Jam.  The development time frame for this jam was the month of October, so about 30 days, as every entry had to be ready by Halloween.  Though the scope of the game had to be small due to these time constraints, I still set out to make it the most graphically intensive entry.  All of the graphical assets including characters, props, environments, animations and materials were original and created by me specifically for this game jam.  Below is an in-depth look at the processes I went through in order to develop them within the time limit and parameters of the jam.

Planning:  Here are some sketches for characters that would appear in the game, along with some process screens showing how I was able to translate them into 3D models.

Animation: After all of the characters where modeled and textured, it was time to create a range of animations and actions for them to perform in-game.  A variety of Idle, attack, running and interaction animations were created for the characters that appear throughout The Witch of Warkworth.

Photogrammetry: In order to make my environments more fleshed out, I made a number of props that I felt were appropriate for the setting.  However, due to the time constraints of the jam I decided it would be faster to generate some of the more detailed props from photographs using a method of 3D modeling called Photogrammetry, in which an array of photos are converted to a textured mesh using special software.

The first photo on the left is one of dozens of photos of the prop in real life, and the middle photo is the resulting UV texture map generated from compiling the photographs, which is then applied to the accompanying 3D model that eventually appears in the game.

Similarly, game objects can be generated from composites of photographs and applying them to a high-poly mesh as a depth map and displacement modifier


The model is then decimated to a level of poly-density that is preferable for in-game use.

After that, a set of LOD models (lower-poly versions to be rendered at a distance) are created for each object to help optimize the game.

Darktober Forest Assets 2.PNG
Darktober Forest Assets.PNG

Textures: All of the environmental textures and materials used in the game were created using photographs I took throughout the month of October.  I then color corrected them to better match the setting and color pallet of the game and tiled them so they could be repeated on the surface of an object.  Then I generated the appropriate PBR maps before importing them and applying them to objects in the game.

Finishing Up: After everything has been imported and integrated into the engine, scripting and controllers are set up to create the in-game environment and gameplay.  After which I created the logo and a promotional illustration to compliment the release of the final product.  

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Below you can find the gallery of screenshots from the final game, along with the release trailer and a link to the game's page where you can download and play The Witch of Warkworth for yourself.